Our team brings together music, film, augmented reality & virtual reality stalwarts, having had a huge pioneering influence in each industry, to deliver the very best experiences in the emerging immersive technology markets.

We have a unique background in delivering cutting-edge, high-end 3D audio to some of the biggest names in entertainment. We mixed the world's first commercial 'immersive audio' theatrical release back in 2010, with Lucasfilm, and since then our team has delivered 3D sound design, music and audio services to many of the world’s leading entertainment companies.

We are extremely passionate about creating amazing immersive experiences and pushing the boundaries of how audio can make people actually 'feel', rather than just 'hear'.

We believe that there is as much power in having amazing 3D audio, as there is with having amazing 3D visuals in Virtual Reality, but we just need everyone to try it! Like with putting on a VR headset, you never really know what it's like, until you've tried it for yourself.