Underworld - Submersed and Immersed with Audio

Underworld - Submersed and Immersed with Audio



Mixed Immersion’s heritage in cinematic audio production was called upon to help design and augment existing sound recordings and provide realistic, spatial audio which was used to dramatise the ambience throughout the Underworld experience.


With an amazing array of captured & recorded sounds, the majority in heavy development came with mixing objects and textures into the various tunnels and chambers so that reverberation from the many objects such as wet & dry brick and approaching machinery could all be well defined and understood by the user, whose vision is restricted throughout.

In a particularly dark and hostile environment, it is sound which starts to take over as the primary sense and every detail of sound becomes much more amplified as the brain concentrates more on those of interpretation and guidance. This meant that every splash, echo and background noise was given the highest amount of scrutiny in order to give the overall soundscape a sense of claustrophobia and menace.

Sound is so important to feeling present that we hope to educate all VR creators to understand how to build amazing experiences with audio at the core of how they create them. 

Demo Day Discoveries

We recently hosted 2 sets of Demo Days at our partner's (Inition) Demo Studios and welcomed in a wide range of companies including Film Production, Theatre, VFX, Property and Music (including labels and the artists themselves).  

This may appear to be an unusual crowd, however it goes to show where Virtual Reality will make the biggest splashes over the coming months, and the need to fully immerse a user - beyond just a 360 video - is already being realised. All of our visitors were already aware of the importance of audio as a key ingredient to help them engage, entertain, visualise and even sell, through Virtual Reality.

We demoed a range of experiences, highlighting multiple techniques which have been developed over the past 18 months by our research and tech teams - having brought in their mixing and production skills and experience from the film and music industries. The demos used speaker-based 3D Immersive audio, and then moved to headphone-based spatial tracking -  with a mixture of both to represent real world ambience and tracked hearing. 

We are hosting some more sessions soon, so please fill in the form on our site to register your interest or watch this space on twitter for another announcement very soon!