Mixed Immersion is a London-based studio, delivering creative audio and music services to a new generation of immersive and interactive productions and platforms.


 Unrivalled exprerience in FIlm, Music and VR

Our founding team hails from a blend of audio and immersive technology production. Having worked on blockbuster Hollywood titles and delivering ground breaking immersive experiences for some of the world's most famous brands and artists, Mixed Immersion has a unique heritage, experience and expertise which perfectly forms the basis of a thought leading production studio, who are determined in creating the very best audio experiences.

Film Production Values for Virtual Reality Audio

Having been focal in the invention of commercial VR and AR over the past 5 years, we have seen very little attention to making amazing immersive audio, to compliment the advancements in visceral, visual VR.

We help varied clients to apply techniques which have been developed over decades in film and music and create amazingly immersive and visceral, 3D audio experiences.

Experiential and Immersive Installations

We've worked with the world's most famous film companies to provide audiences with incredible immersive soundtracks for the films they love to watch, in cinema and at home.

We also provide these soundtracks in a range of formats so that they can be enjoyed on platforms from headphones to auditoriums, which is now so important, considering the various platforms that have emerged over the past 2 decades.